When a man loves

Sapa yg sedang melayan drama ni??? When a man loves..Auni tengok kat SINI @ SINI 
Han Tae-Sang is a successful business man, who has a cold-blooded decisiveness and incredible drive. This helped him to attain his current status, as he started with nothing. He then meets a younger woman named Seo Mi-Do. Her personality reminds him of himself when he was that age. Han Tae-Sang begins to feel love for the first time in his life. Seo Mi-Do is full of ambition and she is also bright and lovely. Seo Mi-Do isn't afraid of anything, because she went through so many difficult times when growing up. A man named Lee Jae-Hee then confronts Han Tae-Sang over Seo Mi-Do.
Pelakon Utama:
 Han Tae-Sang (Song Seung-Heon)

Seo Mi-Do (Shin Se-Kyung)


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